Heat exchange tubes manufacturers

Quality control & Standard specifications

Product Quality is ensured by following in-process steps taken at various stages of production / operations. Efforts are made to adhere the required standard as per specifications.

Raw Material

Mother Hollows are procured from reputed Tubes manufacturers from India & Abroad. Material is received along with proper test certificate. The incoming Mother hollows are checked at random for chemical compositions, surface defects and dimensions.

Surface Treatment

Chemical concentration and temperature of pickling, neutralizing and oil bath solution to be maintained. Time duration of immersion of maintained depending on coating thickness.

Cold Drawn Tooling

Selection and design of dies and plugs made of suitable material. Incoming tooling’s are checked before acceptance for size, strength and surface finish. Drawn Tubes are monitored for dimensional accuracy within tolerance, surface finish and acceptance defect levels.

Heat Treatment

Furnace temperature control with periodic calibration of thermocouples and appropriate soaking parameters. Heat treated tubes are checked for mechanical properties and micro structures.


Checking for required straightness, dimensions and absence of excessive straightening marks.

Non – Destructive Testing (Eddy Current)

Calibration of machine with defects standards as per mandatory requirements.

Final Length Cutting

Check for finished length as per order within the acceptable tolerance.

Hydro test pressure testing

Check for finished length as per order within the acceptable tolerance.Calibration of pressure gauge to indicate correct pressure for hydro testing.

Quality Testing Equipments

  • Computerized Universal Testing machine
  • Impact Testing machine
  • Hardness Testing machine
  • Sample Preparation Equipments
  • Microscope with image analyzer
  • Hydro Tester
  • Eddy Current Testing machine
  • Dimension measuring instruments
  • X-Ray metal alloy analyzer for PMI