Bolier bank tubes manufacturers

Process of Manufacturing

Raw material (Rolled Hollows) are procured from reputed tube manufacturers in India & Abroad. Input mother hollows are tested for stringent mechanical and chemical parameters

Including chemical composition, surface inspection & dimensional tolerances. Mother Hollows are pickled, neutralized, oil coated to facilitate the subsequent Process of cold drawing, Depending on the finish size & length specified by the customer, the hollows are subjected to single, double or multiple pass of cold drawing, after every pass, the tubes are annealed.

The tubes are then straightened to 1:1000 mm. Thereafter the tubes are Subjected to Eddy Current Flaw Detection. Subsequent operation of tube cutting as per customer specified length is, done followed by quality, dimensional check & hydrostatic Pressure testing. Tubes confirming to specified norms are Stenciled and coated with rust Preventive oil / varnish before being bundled and dispatched.

Seamless Tubes / Pipes manufacturing range

We offer materials with original MTC, IBR Certificate if required, materials will be as per customer's specifications. We can offer additional tests (hydro test, flattening, NDT, impact, chemical etc...) on these materials at our factory and the same can be witnessed by customer or its appointed Third Party Inspection.