Yashashree Tubes Pvt. Ltd.

About Yashashree Tubes Pvt. Ltd.

Yashashree Tubes Pvt Ltd is a manufacturer of Cold Drawn Finished Seamless Tubes ranging from outside diameter of 16 mm to 110 mm. These tubes are widely used in variety of applications such as manufacturing of Boilers, heat Exchangers, Drill rods and Mining, Hydraulic Line pipes, Hydraulic Cylinder Tubes, Auto Components, Bearing Tubes and integrated shaped tubes.

The manufacturing set up includes a Cold Draw Bench with a pulling force of 50 Tons and all allied equipments related to this process like a Push Pointing Machine, Roller Hearth Gas Fired Furnace , Tubes Straightening Machine, Eddy Current Tester, Band Saw Cutting Machines and other finishing equipments.

The final product confirms to all internationally recognized standards like ASTM, DIN, BS, EN, ISO etc.

The product line is selected so as to cater all the needs of the customers and customer delight is the basis on which the complete organization performs.

The production capacity of 500 MT per month of cold drawn seamless tubes for the key industry segments also envelopes the untapped market of shaped integral seamless tubes where in every customer is starving hard to get hold of a highly reliable and competent manufacturer in India. Yashashree Tubes PVt. Ltd., by way of its formulation, knowledge and know how the team carries in this field, is the most sought after entity for this prestigious product segment.

Our Vision

To be a center of excellence in the field of Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes manufacturing and value addition in tubular products by innovative ideas and conducting services to suit customer needs.

Our Mission

Influencing innovative, initiatives in Seamless Tubes products by imparting and implementing cost effective processes, quality standards, services and moving towards greater professionalism, there by "Redefining Manufacturing".


The management team comprises of a group of technocrats with a very large and relevant experience in manufacturing and management of seamless tube industry.

Management team profile
Mr. Abhijit Paliya
B E ( Mechanical ) from COEP and M B A ( Production ) and has over 22 years of experience in Seamless tubes industry in various functions related to plant manufacturing and operations.
Mr. Sunil Rakshasbhuwankar
DME with 20 years of experience in seamless tubes industry in Engineering Section. An entrepreneur since last 10 years manufacturing various SPMs for seamless tubes industry.
Mr. Ravindra Patil
DME with Boiler Proficiency and is a pioneer in the manufacturing and supply of high pressure boilers, heat exchangers, heat recovery systems etc.
Mr. Sitaram Gaikwad
BA . LLB . Has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing of seamless tubes equipments and services. Expertise in legal, commercial and administrative functions.
Mr. Rajendra Gaikwad
DME , BA ( History ) and has over 15 years of experience in manufacturing and maintenance function of seamless tubes. He is now associated in providing services and engineering solutions to MNCs.
Mr. Mahendra Yadvadkar
Technical Advisor
BSc (Physics), BE(Mech.), Level III UT has over 25 years of experience as a functional head in Quality Assurance in seamless tubes industry.

Marketing Strategy

Yashshree tubes has a focus on the market for seamless tubes in applications like Automobile components, drill rod and mining tubes, hydraulic line pipes boilers, heat exchangers, and integral shaped tubes.

For import of the cold drawn seamless tubes the high lead time and higher costs for procurement seldom has driven the customers to look for domestic suppliers to meet there requirements.

Also the domestic seamless tube market which is largely import driven at this stage will be the most sought after by Yashshree Tubes Pvt. Ltd. due to complete know how about the manufacturing intricacies in this highly premium engineering based product line.